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Jiangsu Hong industry company after 10 years of hard work, compound machine brand enjoys high reputation in domestic and international market already, enterprise by the national development and reform commission determined for the composite machinery industry standards drafting unit, is that as a provincial level in jiangsu province by the high and new technology enterprise. This not only is to our work achievement certainly, but also for our future work the pressure, but also we pursue the excellence quality eternal power. Consciously strengthen quality self-discipline, and promote the healthy development of industry, guide the high-end market consumption, Hong industry has become a new historic mission. Therefore, we are here to declaration: always adhere to the quality prospering corporation, continue to uphold quality first, constantly strengthen quality management, to improve the quality level.
A well, the responsibilities of the job, strengthen the responsibility. According to the work targeting, consciously post responsibility and liability ZhuiJiuZhi requirements, strictly post quality standards, strengthen the quality assessment, resolutely implement the quality veto. Once appear quality problem, promptly inform, strictly investigate and prosecute, and the courage to bear the responsibility, not evade.
Second, strengthen the process control, strict quality management. The initiative follows management standardization, process procedure and technology standardization. Strengthen the quality control and process control, and resolutely do strictly product design standard, strict execution process discipline, strict quality control process, to ensure that every item qualified, table high-quality goods.
Three, set up for the consumer service idea, perfect after-sales service system. We want to bring to satisfy the demand of users and consumers, and serve to users and consumers, as enterprise the pursuit of the goal. In the community to provide quality products at the same time, for users and consumers to provide high quality service.
Four, insist on continuous innovation, trees and Hong industry brand. Positive conform to the technology to strive for the innovation, product name brand, market go high-end requirements, speed up the product structure, process, technology and application of innovation, meet the increasing market demand.
Quality responsibility than mount tai, the quality of road to implement. We will resolutely uphold quality declaration, persisted wins, constructing the new Hong industry. We firmly believe: as long as we have confidence to have the determination, we must be able to make quality Hong hold fast the hope for the development of industry, to whole society show new Hong industry image and make Hong industry constantly to more splendid future!
Said to will do, to do, do best!
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